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A Justina wedding dress is in itself a special event. The finest silks in the world are shaped and sculpted for a one of a kind fit, and sold to the finest retailers in the world. Fantasy dresses that are known for their eloquent voice of dramatic silk draping, as well as the fresh romantic and modern nature of the classical music inspired collections. Integral to the Justina culture is the invoking of elements from high art symphonic blends of ballet, movement, and opera to create a relevant strikingly new ideas about wedding dresses.

Justina McCaffrey is widely respected in the bridal fashion world for her dresses. Her collections are sold at Neiman Marcus and Kleinfeld in New York.

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Short History

Justina Atelier (also known as Justina McCaffrey) has been a wedding dress designer for over 25 years. According to CTV network she is “Canada’s most celebrated wedding dress designer.” The Globe and Mail describes her as a “Rising Star, The hottest designer in the country.” She brings over 20 years of industry experience in almost every area of wedding dress design and business.

Justina frequently appears in the media. She has been featured as a cover story for many magazines including Globe and Mail’s Report of Small Business, and a variety of other TV and radio programs throughout Canada and the US. She is frequently asked to speak at domestic and international conferences such as (TedX), hosted by cultural think tanks, universities, religious forums, spiritual retreats, as well as fundraising and foundation events for the arts.

She has written for Convivium Magazine, has had a column for HuffingtonPost.com, and currently has a social column in Ottawa Life Magazine.


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